Tesla Model S delivery wait times fall into 2022 in Canada and the US

If you are interested in buying a refresh Tesla Model S and were hoping to receive it before the end of the year, you may be out of luck.

Delivery wait times for both variants of the flagship sedan have been pushed into 2022.

The new delivery wait times impact cars destined for both Canada and the United States, although wait times south of the border are a little more favourable.

According to the Canadian Design Studio orders placed today for the Long Range (LR) Model S won’t arrive until February or March 2022. The same timeline is in place for US orders.

If you need a car quicker than that, you may have opt for the more expensive Model S Plaid, but it will still be a lengthy wait.

In Canada delivery wait times are estimated for December or January. In the US a Plaid variant can be in your driveway by September or October.

The extended wait times is likely the result of a number of different factors. One is increasing demand, which was clearly evident in Tesla’s Q2 2021 earnings results.

The other is continued supply chain issues that have so far hampered Model S production this year.


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