Tesla Model S Plaid sets quarter-mile record: 8.83 seconds at 161mph

We already know the Tesla Model S Plaid is a fast car, having the fastest quarter-mile time of any production car in history with an advertised time of 9.23 seconds.

But with a few weight-saving modifications it can be even faster, as seen earlier this year when the electric sedan broke the 9-second barrier for the first time with a time of 8.943 seconds at 156.23mph.

That time has now been obliterated by more than one-tenth of a second by another Plaid, this time from Quebec.

An almost completely stripped out Plaid set a new record over the weekend, completing the quarter-mile in just 8.834 seconds at a blistering speed of 161.37mph.

According to the owner, TMC user mulot30ththe car was robotic, completing 5 passes in the 8.8X range, with the slowest time of 8.93 seconds at 160mph.

UPDATE June 22 4:37pm PST: Drag Times has now shared a video of one of the runs, but unfortunately not the record run. From the timer it appears to have crossed the line in 8.88 seconds at 156.57mph.

To achieve those times, the owner says there were no modifications to the powertrain or ECU, but it did have “some serious weight reduction while keeping full stock exterior appearance, door handles and windows/power windows.”

The car was also running SV104 wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson drag radials at the rear and Michelin PS4 tires on the front.

The owner shared two photos of the interior, showing all that remained was the steering wheel (no airbag) and the two displays. The driver’s seat was there too, but had been replaced by an aftermarket racing seat.

In total the weight savings were estimated to be around 550lbs to 600lbs.

Unfortunately there is no video of the runs (see update above), but the owner did provide the time slip as proof, along with the Dragy results.

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