Vote for the Tesla Model S as the most influential car of the decade

Back when the first Model S was released in 2012, no one probably predicted just how revolutionary it was going to be. Some 8 years later, it still stands tall as a prime example of what an electric vehicle can, and should be.

Earlier this week Green Car Reports named it the ‘Car of the Decade’, and now Consumer Reports has it listed as one of the most influential products of the decade. Readers can vote now to help make the Model S win against others in the category of ‘Cars’, like Apple Car Play, Cadillac CT6 With Super Cruise, and the Volvo S60 With Pedestrian Detection.

With those 4 choice in that category, it seems hard to think that anything other than the Tesla will win. One of those things is not like the others, and while Apple CarPlay is a great product, it isn’t revolutionary like the Model S was and is. Before these nominees were listed, I hadn’t heard of the CT6 Super Cruise, nor the S60 with Pedestrian Detection, so that’s a pretty good sign that they’re maybe not as influential as some think.

You can vote here. Here’s what Consumer Reports had to say about the 2012 Model S.

Tesla Motors upended the auto industry when it rolled out its breakthrough Model S sedan in 2012. This luxurious electric car showed that an EV could have rapid acceleration, sharp handling, and extended range. The Model S also could be updated—even repaired—through over-the-air software updates. It topped our road-test ratings when it debuted and continues to stand tall in our tests and with owner satisfaction, based on CR member surveys. Reliability has varied over time, but the influence of this sedan hasn’t wavered. Some of Tesla’s innovations have been controversial because of fatalities, injuries, and on-the-road accidents attributed to drivers relying too heavily on its Autopilot driver assist feature. The company’s aggressive approach to self-driving tech has forced regulators to rethink how they should police industry claims and research around the technology.—Jeff Bartlett

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