New video emerges showing Tesla Model S refresh interior with round steering wheel [Update]

video of refresh

A leaked video has been shared online giving us our first glimpse of the new Tesla Model S interior from inside the vehicle.

According to u/LurkeOnly, who shared the video on Reddit, he did not take the video but did say it originally came from a WhatsApp chat.

In it we get to see the new rear screen, as well as a great view of the backlit buttons on the round steering wheel. This continues the trend of no test vehicles being seen with the yoke steering wheel.

We also get to see the new 17″ display which does not appear to have the same software version seen on the advertising material on Tesla’s website. There are some differences compared the current software, notably the Tesla ‘T’ is back on the top of the screen. There is a new black sidebar showing a vehicle icon, which may be for the new direction sensing gear selection.

Model S software

What we do see though is the car’s location on the map, and from it we are able to tell the video was taken at the north end of Tesla’s Fremont factory.

Over the weekend we saw a very similar white Tesla Model S spotted parked on the street in Carmel, California. That test vehicle also did not have the yoke steering wheel, and was also missing the same interior trim pieces.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the first deliveries of the refresh Model S should start this month, followed shortly after by the refresh Model X.

Here’s the full video.

UPDATE: The video has been removed from Reddit, but here’s a copy of it from Twitter.


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