Long Range Tesla Model S appears at Service Center as deliveries are about to begin after 6 month hiatus

The first deliveries of the refresh Model S began with the Plaid variant at a special delivery event at the Fremont factory on June 10. Several car carriers have been spotted since then hauling cars to delivery centers across the US without the PLAID badging on the trunk, but Tesla has been pretty quiet about when deliveries of the LR variant might begin.

Almost six months to the day after Tesla shut down the Model S production line, it looks like they are just days away. According to TikTok user @riccokimbrough, his Long Range Model S arrived at the Tesla Service and Delivery Center St. Louis-Chesterfield Missouri yesterday, June 22.

In a series of videos posted to his account, the user shows off the interior LR Model S. He also gives us a view of the new 17-inch display where it shows the vehicle is in fact a LR variant with just 21 miles on the odometer.

LR Model S
Image via @riccokimbrough /TikTok

The car is also fresh off the transport truck as it is still in ‘Transport Mode’ and still has the protective plastic wrapping on the bumpers, side mirrors, and black trim.

Since the car just arrived it will still need to go through a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) before it can be handed over, and the actual delivery will likely take place later this week.

One problem that he was able to find in his short time with the car was an issue with the yoke steering wheel. According to one of the videos, the airbag was not attached properly and he was easily able to remove it from the wheel. Granted this is a serious issue but one that would likely have been caught in the PDI and never even known to the owner had he not checked it out beforehand.

LR Model S 5
Image via @riccokimbrough /TikTok

If anyone has seen other Long Range Model S vehicles appearing at a delivery center, let us know in the comments below.

Here are just a couple of the videos posted to his TikTok account.

@riccokimbrough##tesla♬ original sound – ✅ Ricco kimbrough♋️

@riccokimbrough♬ original sound – ✅ Ricco kimbrough♋️

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