Starlink satellite internet may be coming to your car soon enough

Starlink Launch

A recent FCC application reveals Space X is looking to expand satellite internet services to moving vehicles, vessels, and aircraft.

The application aims to provide Space X with a blanket licence to operate Earth Stations in Motion (ESIMs). This licence would include vehicle, vessel and aircraft earth stations. With approval, the FCC would allow ESIM’s use within the territorial United States, US airspace and territorial waters. As well as, international waters and US-registered aircraft operating around the world.

This application may link to the latest Starlink Mini rumours we have seen on Twitter. It may also link to Tesla and the automaker’s want to move away from reliance on other mobile internet providers.

Tesla currently offers video streaming, over-the-air updates, and their in-house Premium Connectivity package for Tesla owners.

Starlink connectivity removes the middleman and provides Tesla with an in-house solution that could provide broader and better connectivity.

The full FCC process could take months to move through the various channels for decisions. As we wait, one has to wonder how Starlink, and Tesla could revolutionize car-based connectivity.

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