More than 130 refresh Model S spotted being prepped for shipping as Semi performs on Fremont test track

Elon Musk has delayed the special Model S Plaid delivery event for another week to allow for more tweaks to the car. It looks like those tweaks aren’t enough to start sending cars to delivery centers.

In a recent drone flyover of the Fremont factory logistics lot on May 28, 2021, more than 130 refresh Model S vehicles were spotted waiting to be loaded on to car carriers.

The drone doesn’t get close enough to see if these are Plaid variants. It does get close enough however to see almost all of them are equipped with the yoke steering wheel. We were only able to spot one with the traditional round steering wheel.

Model S Round wheel
Image via Gabeincal /YouTube

This strengthens recent rumours the NHTSA has approved the new steering wheel and new Model S/X vehicles will have it included.

The drone flyover also spotted the new Tesla Semi undergoing some tests on the Fremont test track. Also visible on the test track was a refresh Model S and Model X. The electric truck has been spotted several times this year stretching its legs on the track, with Tesla themselves even sharing footage of a testing session.

Fremont test track
Image via Gabeincal /YouTube

You can check out the full video below.

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