First refresh Tesla Model X with yoke steering wheel spotted in San Jose

Even though the refresh Model X appears to be at least several months away from its first deliveries, one was seen in the wild today in California. For the first time, this Model X also had a yoke steering wheel.

The Midnight Silver Metallic Model X was spotted by YouTuber Gabeincal travelling along a highway earlier today in San Jose. Although the photos don’t show it, he says it definitely had a yoke steering wheel.

He also noted the driver was very clearly trying to avoid having any photos taken that would show the interior. This is backed up by the fact the Model X had very dark tint on the front windows, something that is not standard with the electric SUV.

Although it looks very similar, this is not the Plaid Model X that was seen recently at Fremont’s test track. You can see in the photo above it does not have the signature red calipers.

In yesterday’s Q1 2021 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk said the “first deliveries of the new Model S should start very shortly,” but made no mention of the Model X. Tesla recently updated the delivery timelines showing an October or November delivery timeframe for new orders placed today.

The Model S is showing dates in August-September.

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