With just two cars, Tesla outsells entire BMW lineup in the US in Q3 2021

Tesla posted its best quarter ever earlier this month, reporting over 241K deliveries around the world. A large portion of those sales took place in the United States, with the majority of those coming from just two vehicles – the Model 3 and Model Y.

In what is surely a bad sign for legacy automakers, the strong performance of those two vehicles alone was enough to outsell BMW’s entire lineup in the US in the third quarter.

Although Tesla does not break down their delivery numbers to this level of granularity, estimates from notable Tesla tracker @TroyTeslike show that approximately 90,200 Model 3 and Model Y deliveries took place in the US in Q3.

According to official figures from BMW North America, their entire lineup consisting of passenger cars and light trucks (SUVs) accumulated 75,619 sales during the same time period, nearly 15,000 less than the Model 3/Y.

Breaking it down ever further, and the picture gets worse for BMW.

Their total number of passenger cars sold (35,588) was less than that of just the Model 3 (~43,600).

Additionally, the Model Y (~46,600) outsold all BMW light trucks (40,031).

BMW dealerships seem to be getting the message. Several in California have created a bizarre comparison page on their websites to compare both the Tesla and vehicles against BMW.

BMW dealerships create bizarre website to compare their brand and cars with Tesla

The gap between the two automakers is surely to grow even further as Tesla capitalizes on the wave of EV buyers with the opening of Giga Texas. The factory is expected to open later this year, and will increase the automaker’s production capacity significantly.

h/t: @facts_tesla

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