Tesla LR RWD Model Y reservation holder receives account update that indicates deliveries could begin within weeks

The car that seems to never die is showing signs of life again. An original Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive (LR RWD) Model Y reservation holder has seen a change in his Tesla account that indicates the elusive car might be coming out of the shadows in a matter of weeks.

First announced at the unveiling in 2019, the LR RWD variant was later pulled from the Design Studio in early 2020 before deliveries of the electric SUV kicked off. Since then the company has remained fairly silent on the car, instead releasing a Standard Range (SR) RWD Model Y earlier this year that was only available for less than one month.

Those that have held on to those early reservations might want to check their Tesla accounts.

According to one Twitter user who placed a reservation on the day of the unveiling, his account was updated this morning to show an estimated delivery date, and that date is within the next 2-6 weeks.


As with other updates that indicate the LR RWD might still be alive, this one should also be taken with caution.

The reservation holder notes he has not yet been contacted by Tesla, there are no order documents in his account, and he has no VIN in his account.

Additionally, other Drive Tesla readers that have LR RWD reservations have told us they have seen no such updates in their accounts.

We will be sure to keep a close eye on any further developments. If you also have an estimated delivery date, let us know in the comments below or reach out to us as tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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