Giga Texas welcomes first Tesla employees as production inches closer

Tesla began construction of Giga Texas in July 2020 with the hopes to open the new factory just over a year later. The company appears to be on its way to meeting that target after welcoming new employees to the factory for the first time today.

Several new additions to the factory were spotted early this morning by drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer and shared to Twitter by Tesla Owners Austin. One of those is a new checkpoint entry with a sign for directing “Tesla Employees” to a certain area of the factory.

A closer look inside also shows what appears to be a cafeteria area with seating for several hundred people. At the front of the room are large helium balloons spelling out the word “WELCOME.”

Clearly Tesla employees have been working at Giga Texas for many months. Several Giga Press machines have been installed and have already churned out thousands of front and rear megacasts for the Model Y. We have even seen one of the first pre-production Model Y units that has rolled off the Giga Texas production line.

However, the new signage and check points indicates Tesla has likely reached a significant milestone in the progress of the factory to be welcome a whole new batch of workers.

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