Valet wrecks Performance Tesla Model 3 on unauthorized joy ride [Update]

A valet driver is lucky to be alive after wrecking a customer’s Performance Tesla Model 3 while on an unauthorized joyride.

The incident occurred in Birmingham, Alabama, where Reddit user u/jacobisknight left his black Model 3 in the hands of the valet at the Hampton Inn. With two napping kids and trying to get them out the car without waking them up, he didn’t put his car in Valet Mode like he usually does.

That momentary lapse ended up costing him his car, as the valet took it for a quick spin, instead of taking it to the nearest parking spot.

According to the owner, the valet was driving at about 70-80mph (112km/h – 128km/h) when he lost control and slammed into a concrete wall/pillar. Needless to say the Model 3 was a total loss in the accident.

Model 3 valet crash Image via Reddit

In a testament to Tesla’s safety record, the valet driver was able to walk away from the accident uninjured, and into the hands of police, who arrested him shortly after.

The owner did check his USB storage device to see if he could recover any footage of the mishap, but was unsuccessful. He says the hotel is not being cooperative, and is currently seeking a lawyer to help him resolve the situation.

UPDATE: The owner Jacob has reached out to Drive Tesla and let us know the hotel is now cooperating, and have arranged a rental car for him until it is resolved.

This isn’t the first time a valet driver has wrecked a Tesla. Last year a Model S owner handed his car over to a valet, only to have it totalled on a joyride as well.

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