Tesla relaunches Model 3 Long Range sales in Canada, qualifies for up to $12K in rebates

Tesla has started taking orders for the Model 3 Long Range in Canada again, more than eight months after the popular sedan was removed from the Design Studio, and just over a week after it was re-introduced in the US. Not only is the car back for sale, it is also priced low enough to be eligible for up to $12,000 in combined federal and provincial rebates.

According to an update to the Design Studio on Thursday night, the Model 3 Long Range is priced at $64,990. Much like when it appeared in the US last week, this vehicle is not quite the same as the one last year as its range has been reduced from 576km (358 miles) to 534km (332 miles). The top speed and acceleration figures have remained the same, indicating the Model 3 Long Range now has a different battery chemistry than before, but not lithium iron phosphate (LFP) like in the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Model 3 and Model Y.

There is also one other change of sorts, as the Long Range variant can only be purchased with a black interior. This is the same change that happened with the Model Y RWD and updated Model Y Performance recently, suggesting all three of these cars are now coming from Giga Shanghai instead of Fremont, which has historically provided all cars for the Canadian market.

Given its price point, the Model 3 Long Range is eligible for the federal iZEV rebate of $5,000. The news gets better for those living in provinces with provincial level rebates, especially Quebec as it also qualifies for their $7,000 rebate which has a $65K price cap, knocking a total of $12,000 off the purchase price. BC residents should also benefit from their up to $4,000 rebate, although neither province’s rebate website has been updated yet to include the vehicle.

Also tonight Tesla relaunched their credit-based referral program in Canada, giving owners the opportunity to earn credits when someone purchases a vehicle with their referral code that can be redeemed for merchandise, accessories, and free Supercharger credits. If you are thinking of buying a Tesla, please consider using our code by clicking here.

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