The Scottish government has 10 Tesla Model 3’s for government business

Silver Model 3

The Scottish government confirmed it has 10 Tesla Model 3′s in its ministerial vehicle fleet in a report published earlier this week.

The report comes from a freedom of information request that went public on March 17.

Here is the breakdown of the fleet

  • Tesla Model 3– 10
  • Volvo V90 PHEV- 9
  • Kia Optima PHEV- 8
  • Kia EV6- 7
  • Kia E-Niro- 1

The various Ministers use the Ministerial fleet of vehicles in the government.

However, there is no allocation of specific drivers or vehicles for the Ministers.

Instead, the government pools resources and make them available for any Minister who needs transport.

The government car service has specific charging points, but the vehicles are free to use any charging point as necessary.

The First Minister’s transport is not included in this list as Police Scotland provides it. However, Police Scotland also currently uses PHEVs.

It will be interesting to track if the Government of Scotland starts to replace the ageing Kia Optima PHEVs with more Tesla vehicles or if they opt to go with Volvo, Kia or someone else.

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