2022.4.5.17 Tesla Software Update & Release Notes

Tesla has sent out a new software update on Friday night to a number of cars, version 2022.4.5.17.

Unfortunately despite the fact it was sent to some cars currently enrolled in the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta queue in Canada, this update only includes general bug fixes and improvements.

2022.4.5.17 Release Notes

Cabin Camera

Help Tesla improve the intelligence of features that rely on cabin camera by sharing analytics from your vehicle. When enabled, cabin cameras data will be shared with Tesla if the vehicle experiences a safety critical event like a collision, or if cabin camera functionality requires diagnostics to perform. This data includes short cabin camera video clips to help us further develop future safety features and software enhancements such as collision avoidance updates. As usual, you can adjust your data sharing preferences by tapping Controls > Software > Data Sharing > Allow Cabin Camera Analytics.

Regenerative Braking in Autopilot

Autopilot will now use more regenerative braking at low speeds for higher efficiency and an improved driving experience, especially in stop-and-go traffic. Increased use of regenerative braking results in less brake pedal noise and smoother stops.

Car Colorizer

Customize how your car appears on the touchscreen and mobile app with the Car Colorizer. Change the color of your car’s exterior by tapping Controls > Software > Colorizer icon, or using Colorizer in the ToyBox.

Save Dashcam Clips

Quickly save Dashcam clips by adding the Dashcam icon to your bottom bar. Simply long press any app icon to enter edit mode, then drag Dashcam to the bottom bar for quick access. Tap the Dashcam icon to manually save a clip while driving.

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