BluSmart India promises to buy 1,000 Tesla Model 3s as several leaders try to woo Elon Musk to set up manufacturing in their states

More than one year after first incorporating in India, there still appears to be no sign of Tesla launching in India any time soon.

As recently as last week CEO Elon Musk said a Tesla launch in India is still faced with “a lot of challenges.”

The admission came after a near year-long attempt to convince government officials to lower import taxes on electric vehicles (EVs) appears to have hit a roadblock.

With no launch date in sight, one company is trying to convince Musk that opening in India would bring a lot of sales.

BluSmart India, a 100% electric ride hailing platform, has promised to buy 1,000 Model 3s to add to their fleet of EVs if Tesla opens in India.

It is not just BluSmart that is keen to see Tesla open in India. Government officials from numerous states across the country have been rolling out the red carpet to Elon Musk on Twitter, trying to woo him to set up manufacturing facilities in their states.

Industry & Commerce Minister KT Rama Rao (KTR) invited Musk to set up shop in Telangana , calling it a “champion in sustainability”.

Additionally, Water Resources Minister Jayant Patil also reached out to Musk on Twitter, calling his state one of the most progressive in India while offering “all the necessary help” to become established in Maharashtra.

Not to be left out, several other leaders also took the opportunity to invite Musk to India, offering any support they can to bring him to their regions.

Looking at the flood of messages from prominent figures across the political landscape, there appears to be no shortage of support for Tesla and Elon Musk to set up shop in India.

Hopefully that support will make its way to the various Ministries within the Indian government who will ultimately decide whether to lower import taxes on EVs and finally allow Tesla to sell cars in India.

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