Tesla updates price, range, features and specs of the made-in-China RWD Model 3

Following similar changes in North America, Tesla has updated some key figures and specs for the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Model 3 in China.

The changes have also brought a price increase for the entry-level electric sedan.

Perhaps the biggest change to the RWD Model 3 is to its battery. According to Chinese media platform @42how_, Tesla has increased the battery capacity resulting in more range.

Updated specs on the Design Studio show it has increased from 486km (NEDC) to 556km (CLTC), or 301 miles to 345 miles.

Another change is to the car’s acceleration to 100km/h, which dropped from 5.6s to 6.1s, just like it did in North America earlier this month.

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Also following the lead of Fremont, the RWD Model 3 from Giga Shanghai now comes with a heated steering wheel and heated rear seats as standard equipment.

All of these changes didn’t come for free. Tesla raised the price from ¥235,900 to ¥250,900 ($46,500 to $49,500 CAD).

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