North America’s northernmost Supercharger now open in Soldotna, Alaska

The day Tesla owners in Alaska have been waiting years for has finally arrived. Tesla has opened the state’s first Supercharger in the city of Soldotna.

Not only is it the first Supercharger in Alaska, it is also the northernmost Supercharger station in North America.

That title was previously held by the Prince George Supercharger, which opened just two weeks ago.

The first Alaskan Supercharger has been a long time coming. Tesla was originally planning to build one in the state’s biggest city, Anchorage, and hoping to open it in 2020.

Those plans never materialized, and Anchorage was removed from Tesla’s map of planned locations earlier this year.

Construction began on the Soldotna Superchargers in August, and just before the real winter weather hits, the power has been turned on.

The official Tesla Charging Twitter account announced the opening last night.

The four V3 Supercharger stalls are located in a newly developed rest area just off the AK-1 state highway at 43540 Whistle Hill Loop.

The site also features Destination Chargers, and has two restaurants to visit while you charge.

The Soldotna Supercharger is the northernmost location in North America, but the northernmost Supercharger in the world is in Skaidi, Norway. It opened in 2020 and is located more than 400km inside the Arctic Circle.

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