Tesla PWS retrofit may be coming soon to enable Boombox on older vehicles

Although it provides no practical improvement to the car, the Boombox feature included in Tesla’s holiday software update was probably the most popular. By using the external Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) speaker, you car can now play custom sounds when honking the horn, driving, or when using Summon.

Unfortunately not all cars are equipped with the external speaker, with Tesla only adding it into production for the Model 3 in September 2019. Even Model Y owners who took delivery in the first few months after it was released in March 2020 also do not have the speaker, leaving them unable to fart at people on the side of the road.

Always willing to listen to feedback from customers, CEO Elon Musk was asked by John from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley if a retrofit for older vehicles would be possible. With one response he got hundreds of thousand owners hopes up by saying it might be possible and he will look into it.

This is a bit of a change from Musk’s previous statement on a PWS retrofit. In October 2019 the CEO was asked if it was possible to add it. Musk replied it is possible, but would be difficult as the wiring harness would need to be added.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have the PWS and received the Boombox feature, here are some instructions on how to add custom sounds to your library. That also includes a list of MP3’s you can download, like the KITT scanner sound, the ice cream truck sound, and many more.

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