Tesla adds Cold Weather software upgrade to activate heated steering wheel and heated rear seats in 2021 Model 3 SR+ [Update]

Earlier tonight Tesla lowered the price of the rear heated seats upgrade for Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) owners. At the same time, owners of recently delivered 2021 SR+ cars saw the upgrade disappear entirely.

We speculated this was because Tesla was preparing to release a bundle for these owners to activate both the heated steering wheel and heated rear seats.

That has now happened, as Tesla has added a ‘Cold Weather Feature’ upgrade to the mobile app.

Drive Tesla reader Ninine Vincent shared this photo with us, showing the upgrade costs $400 in Canada, the same price the upgrade used to cost for just the rear heated seats.

cold weather feature

When the heated steering wheel upgrade was rumoured to be coming earlier this year, it was believed that cars made at Fremont from April 1st included the new feature, but it was software locked.

According to Vincent, his SR+ was built last month and he took delivery on October 22. This is before Tesla announced the change that made both features standard in all Model 3s as of November 1, 2021.

UPDATE 9:21pm PST: Another reader has told us they have an August build date and took delivery in early September, and also have the upgrade available.

UPDATE 9:26pm PST: Earliest date we’ve seen so far is June 2021.

UPDATE Dec 3 11:14am PST: We have been able to confirm that if you have a Model 3 SR+ that has the heated steering wheel, and you had already purchased the rear heated seats upgrade prior to this announcement, Tesla will activate the heated steering wheel for free.

If you have the Cold Weather Feature available to purchase, let us know what your car’s build date is, and when you took delivery in the comments below.

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