Tesla prepares to introduce Model 3 with factory chrome delete in China

One feature of the Tesla Model 3 that generates polarizing opinions is the chrome trim. Some owners love it, other owners get rid of it with a chrome delete kit, making it one of the most popular aftermarket accessories.

When Tesla introduced the Model Y earlier this year, the automaker ditched the chrome trim, switching up to a black trim that has so far proven to be popular among owners.

According to the filing with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Tesla has notified the government agency it is changing the manufacturing process for the Model 3 to include the same black window trim, black door handles, black mirror accents, and black side-repeater camera trim as found on the Model Y.

Since the filing only impacts the Model 3’s made out of Tesla’s Giga Shanghai facility, it is unknown at this time if the change will make its way to North America or other markets. Given the automaker’s track record, it would only make sense for Model 3’s made at Fremont to feature the same factory chrome delete.

In an effort to streamline the production process and reduce costs, the change to the Model 3 should come as no surprise as the Model Y and the Model 3 already share many parts, by some estimates up to 75%.

This is also just one example of many where Tesla makes continuous improvements to its vehicles. Just this past weekend it was discovered the Model 3 frunk had been redesigned, hinting the Model Y heat pump may soon be added.

Drive Tesla was also first to report Tesla may soon be introducing redesigned headlights and a power trunk on the Model 3.

[h/t Teslarati]

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