Giga Shanghai update: Model Y production line on schedule, Model 3 production now up to 200,000 vehicles per year

With the release of the Q2 2020 financial results earlier today, Tesla also updated us on the construction activity at Giga Shanghai.

Since it was announced the Model Y would be produced at Giga Shanghai for the Chinese market, and not imported from the US, early estimates pointed to the first deliveries happening in 2021.

Today Tesla confirmed the construction of the second phase, which includes the Model Y production line, is on schedule and proceeding as planned.

While we have seen numerous updates on the construction of the new buildings from the outside, Tesla revealed today for the first time some photos of the interior.

The pictures included one of the Model Y press, which will be used to create the electric SUV’s body panels, as well as shots of the robots that will put the cars together as they roll down the production line.

Giga Shanghai Model Y factory

The financial report also included an update on production capacity at Giga Shanghai, indicating it has ramped up to 200,000 vehicles per year, or more than 4,000 units per week.

Tesla capacity

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