Tesla Model 3 wins Car of the Year in Denmark, after winning Car of the Year in Norway yesterday

Denmark Car of the Year

All this award winning for Tesla is starting to get a bit confusing, as the awards keep piling up. Yesterday, the Model 3 won the award for Car of the Year in Norway, where 6 out of 8 judges voted it in first place.

Today, Denmark’s annual car competition awarded the title of Car of the Year to the Model 3. The victory in Denmark was also by a large margin, winning with a total of 166 points. The second place vehicle was the Peugeot 208 which received 131 points. The winner is selected by the Association of Danish Motor Journalists, and this year the panel was made up of 24 judges.

1Tesla Model 3166
2Peugeot 208131
3BMW 3 Series116
4Kia Xceed105
5BMW 1 Series82

This marks the first time an American made car has won the award in Denmark, and the first time an all-electric car has won (in 2012 the hybrid Opel 1 was crowned the winner). Other competitors in the running for the award included the BMW 3 series, Kia Xceed, and BMW 1 series.

The Model 3 has only been available in Denmark since February 2019. In that time, much like the rest of the world, it has become #1 selling electric car in the country, with 1,800 sales in the first 9 months.

h/t [FDM.dk]

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