Save 10% on any purchase at Nikola Pro – chrome deletes, center console wraps, and more

You might have noticed that Nikola Pro doesn’t offer any coupon codes or discount codes. But now you can save on their already low prices with an exclusive deal with Drive Tesla Canada.

Applying vinyl is one of the most common aftermarket changes done to any Tesla. This could be as much as applying a vinyl wrap to the entire car, or as simple as to the piano-black finish on the center console.

Another popular option is applying vinyl to the chrome trim on your Tesla, known as a chrome delete. Getting this done at a shop can cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,000, but doing it yourself can save you a lot of money.

Chrome Delete

Model S – $149 USD – Save 10%, $134.10
Model 3 – $139 USD – Save 10%, $125.10
Model X – $149 USD – Save 10%, $134.10

Use the links above to have a coupon code automatically applied giving you 10% off these already low prices.

Don’t forget, each kit comes with a second chrome delete kit, giving you the flexibility to either make a mistake and have a second piece to try again. Or you can split the cost and sell the second kit to a friend, making it even more affordable.

Other Nikola Pro discounts

Tesla Model 3 Premium Pillar Delete Kit – $59.00 – Save 10%, $53.10
Tesla Model 3 Premium Chrome Delete Kit (Individual Sections) – $5.00 to $55.00 – Save 10%, $4.50 to $50.00
Tesla Model 3 Center Console Wrap – $19.00 – Save 10%, $17.10
Model 3 Decal Wrap Kit – $21.99 – Save 10%, $19.79
Model 3 Handle Wrap Kit – $19.99 – Save 10%, $17.99
Model 3 Door Exit Decal Set – $7.99 – Save 10%, $16.19

Click here to see how you can make your center console look like this using the Center Console Wrap and Decal Wrap Kit.

Center Console Tesla Model 3 emboss logo

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