Tesla Model S and X with HW4 finally get Vision Park Assist

The Hardware 4 (HW4) refreshed Model S and Model X have finally received support for Vision Park Assist. Although this is excellent news, Tesla remains silent on when FSD Beta will come to HW 4 vehicles.

When the HW 4 Autopilot computer was rolled out earlier this year, the Model S and Model X didn’t have several features, despite being the latest and greatest hardware from the automaker. Among the features not included on Tesla’s flagship vehicles due to incomplete software was Autopilot, Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC), Navigate on Autopilot, and Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD Beta).

More than three months after the new hardware appeared, Tesla appears to have completed the software for their Vision based Park Assist, as it was included in the latest update 2023.12.300.1, which Tesla pushed out late last week. There was however no mention of FSD.

Tesla has not officially announced HW4, or what it is capable of, since it was launched in the Model S and Model X earlier this year. The automaker has since then also added it to the Model Y, with the first deliveries of HW4 equipped Model Ys starting late last month.

It is also going to be added to the Model 3, but not until the refresh known as Project Highland appears in a few months time. A recent sighting of a Highland test vehicle confirmed the side repeater cameras were the latest that are included in other HW4 equipped Teslas.

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