Tesla updates Model Y specs with lower weights

Tesla has quietly made an update to their website, lowering the weight of both the Model Y Long Range (LR) and Performance variants.

Before the update, both variants were listed as weighing 4,416lbs.

The LR has seen the biggest weight reduction, now down 53lbs to 4,363lbs.

The weight reduction for the Performance was not as significant, dropping 18lbs to 4,398lbs. (via Reddit)

When seeing this, the question is – how was Tesla able to realize these lower weights for the electric SUV?

Naturally the first response is to think it was because of the new structural battery packs and 4680 cells that are going to be in the Model Y out of Giga Texas.

That could be the case, but a 53lb weight reduction doesn’t seem to be enough for the savings from single piece front and rear castings and the new battery pack.

Giga Texas also has not yet received its final approvals to begin production of customer cars.

Tesla typically only updates their website once a new feature is in production and in cars ready for delivery.

We also don’t know if Tesla is going to continue making Model Ys with the current 2170 cells at Fremont.

Tesla hasn’t said otherwise, so if that’s the case then an update like this would be premature.

Tesla did make one other change to specs page, updating the image of the Model Y LR to have the newer matrix LED headlights.

These have been on the Performance variant for some time, but have yet to make it to the entry-level variant.

It should be noted however that the Design Studio still shows the two variants as having two different headlights, so this may also be another premature update.

How do you think Tesla was able to lower the weights of the Model Y? Let us know in the comments below.

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