Tesla Model 3’s with new Überturbine wheels spotted at Fremont

One of the many changes announced last week by Tesla was the introduction of new 20″ Überturbine wheels for the Performance variant of the Model 3.

While we’ve so far seen photos of newly built Model 3’s featuring the 18″ Aero wheels and new 19″ Sport rims, today we get our first look at the new Überturbines at Fremont.

In the photo we can see at least 8 freshly built Performance Model 3’s with the new wheels. Based on the right hand drive (RHD) configuration and small license plate holders, these cars are destined for an overseas market. According to Veda Prime, a Tesla Container Ship/Delivery tracker account on Twitter, these Model 3’s are likely destined for Australia and New Zealand.

After the announcement of the refreshed Model 3, Tesla lowered prices of all variants of the Model 3 in Australia.

This isn’t the only new feature spotted today. Earlier this morning Drive Tesla was first to report on a new video giving us our first look at the new center console in action.

So far almost all of the photos snapped by fans of the new Model 3 show them from either the side or rear of the vehicle. Hopefully we’ll get a photo soon from the front showing us the new headlights.

We have a pretty good idea what they will look like after we received leaked images purported to be the new headlights back in August, but a confirmation would be nice.

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