Tesla solar roof donated to Buffalo Heritage Carousel in NY

Buffalo Heritage Carousel Tesla roof 2

Thanks to a generous donation from Tesla, a new roundhouse currently under construction for the Buffalo Heritage Carousel will feature a solar roof.

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The new building, set to open in the spring of 2021, is located at Canalside, in Buffalo New York, just minutes away from Tesla’s Gigafactory where the solar tiles are made.

The octagonal roundhouse will feature a vintage, park-style menagerie carousel manufactured in 1924, reports Buffalo News. The design incorporates a unique two-tiered roof that will be covered in Tesla solar roof tiles.

According to Laurie Hauer-LaDuca, president of Buffalo Heritage Carousel, the donation will allow the new building to be green and fully powered by the sun.

“With the support of Tesla, this rare and historic carousel will be powered by the sun and offer a new family recreational and educational attraction located along the boardwalk.”

Neither the Buffalo Heritage Counsel nor Tesla would comment on the exact dollar amount of the donation, but initial estimates before Tesla stepped in put the new roof at about $150,000 USD.

Buffalo Heritage Carousel Tesla roof

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