Thieves steal three Tesla vehicles off car hauler on its way to Canada

Three men in Flint, Michigan made an unsuspecting getaway in three Tesla vehicles, two Model 3‘s and one Model Y, after stealing them from the back of a transport truck destined for Canada.

After leaving Chicago, the transport truck made a stop in Flint’s Scott School parking lot, where the driver of the hauler left the truck unattended overnight.

Unfortunately, the cars were unlocked and the keys were left inside, making them a surprisingly easy target for the thieves.

All they had to do was cut the tethers that were securing them to the truck, and they were able to drive them off the back of the trailer.

Tethers cut

When the driver returned to the truck in the morning, he immediately called 9-1-1 after noticing the empty lower deck.

Since the vehicles were on their way to be delivered, the GPS units hadn’t been activated yet, but authorities were still able to locate all three vehicles, and make three arrests quickly.

All three of them were attempting to, to hide out for future — either chop shop or sale or, or even just joy ride,” Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson told ABC 12.

According to authorities, the incident occurred a few weeks ago, likely making this what would have been one of the first transport trucks with a Model Y to arrive in Ontario.

Did your Model 3 or Model Y delivery in Ontario with the above specs get unexpectedly delayed? Let us know in the comments below.

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