Tesla Model 3 heated steering now listed as standard equipment on the Design Studio, but not for all variants

Heated steering wheel Design Studio

The age old question of which Model 3’s will get the heated steering wheel has finally been answered. Tesla has updated their website to show only the Long Range and Performance variants are the lucky recipients of the new feature.

We’re not exactly sure when Tesla made this update. Unlike the software in their vehicles, the section of the website that lists this isn’t intuitive and easy to find. When selecting which model you want to order, you first have to click on “Feature Details”, as seen in the image above.

This brings a pop-up onto your screen, which defaults to showing your range and performance statistics. This is where you have to click on the title, which collapses the menu to reveal three other options.Design Studio heated steering wheel Model 3

Under “Interior & Convenience”, it shows the Standard Range and Standard Range Plus variants do not get the heated steering wheel.

Design Studio heated steering wheel


The rumours of a heated steering wheel in the electric sedan first appeared last year when Tesla hacker @greentheonly discovered a reference to it in the source code of a software update.

The thought was it going to appear with the refresh design, but when that didn’t happen, it was rumoured to be coming in the holiday software update. That didn’t happen either, and we all know what happened with that software update.

They finally began appearing in cars from Giga Shanghai and Fremont in February this year, making many Canadians happy (and their hands a little warmer).

h/t: @tesla_adri

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