Tesla Model 3 factory black trim (chrome delete) and more now in production [Update]

For the last few months there have several rumours that Tesla was going to be doing a fairly serious refresh of the Model 3.

Some of the changes that have surfaced include new headlights, a power trunk, and even the heat pump from the Model Y making its way to the Model 3.

Drive Tesla reported earlier today the automaker had already begun manufacturing 2021 model year vehicles. The switch over was a pretty good sign that most, if not all of the rumoured changes were likely in production.

That timeline also lined up with the information Drive Tesla has received that the new headlights and power trunk would enter production in early October.

Thanks to a keen-eyed Tesla fan, we now have confirmation that Model 3’s being built out of Fremont have the factory black trim (chrome delete).

Tesla Model 3 with factory black trim
Image via Reddit

UPDATE: After seeing our article, @WholeMarsBlog headed out to Fremont and was able to find and get up close and personal with a red Model 3 with the black trim and center console. In the pictures of the center console, you can see the sides are now vegan leather with stitching, compared to the current plastic side pieces.

As we can see in the picture, the signature chrome trim around the windows is no more, replaced by the same black trim that is found on the Model Y. Interestingly it appears as though the rear emblem, and likely the front one too, are still chrome.

Based on the licence plate holder at the rear of the vehicle, this Model 3 appears to be destined for the European market, and not for Canada or the US.

We first learned about the factory chrome delete after Tesla in China filed for approval to begin producing the made-in-China Model 3’s with the black trim earlier this summer.

Given that this has now entered production, we’re likely to see the first customers receiving Model 3’s with the black trim in about 2 weeks. That could be less if they have also started producing cars destined for North America with the black trim.

Are you happy to see the chrome trim disappear?  Let us know in the comments below.

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