Tesla owner confuses car for his and unplugs stranger’s Model 3

Lots of Teslas

Depending on where in Canada you live, the number of Model 3’s seems to be growing exponentially, as evidenced by Tesla’s record-breaking Q3 delivery numbers. Here in Victoria BC it’s not unusual to spot 10+ Tesla’s while driving around for 10 minutes in our not-so-big town.

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This many Tesla’s can result in some unfortunate mis-understandings, as one blue Model 3 owner on Reddit found out recently after returning to his vehicle he left to charge at a public charger. When he returned, he found this note on his windshield explaining that the note-taker had mistaken his blue Model 3 for his own, and unplugged it from the charger, only to realize that he couldn’t unlock it and get in. That’s when it became clear he was trying to enter the wrong vehicle – his was 3 spots down.

Tesla note on windshield

Unfortunately for George, he was caught on the Model 3’s Sentry video. Fortunately for George, the owner didn’t share that video.

Have you ever mistaken another Tesla for yours?

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