EV sales in South Korea nearly double so far in 2021 on the back of strong Tesla sales

Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in South Korea have skyrocketed so far in 2021, up 96% in the first nine months of the year.

According to data from the Korea Automotive Technology Institute, sales have nearly doubled to 71,006 EVs in the January to September timeframe.

The strong sales performance is enough to propel South Korea to become the seventh largest EV market in the world.

In a league of their own, China leads that category with 1.76 millions EVs sold so far in 2021.

The United States was in a distant second with 272,554 units, followed by Germany (243,892), Britain (131,932), France (114,836), and Norway (84,428).

EVs in South Korea now makes up 5.5% of all new vehicles sold in the country, reports the Korea Herald.

A big reason for the large increase in EV sales is thanks to Tesla.

The Model Y has proven extremely popular, becoming the best-selling imported vehicle in the country in May.

The Model 3 was also a big seller, dethroning the Model Y to become the best-selling import one month later in June.

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