New Tesla Model 3s hit existing inventory in Canada

Tesla might not have started deliveries of the new Model 3 yet in Canada, but for a brief period on Monday night the upgraded electric sedan was available for purchase on the existing inventory section of the company’s website.

Tesla launched sales of the new Model 3 in North America earlier this month, with the online configurator estimating that the first deliveries could take place before the end of January. While we have seen car carriers leaving the Fremont factory loaded with the upgraded Model 3, and the new electric sedan appearing at Service Centers for demo drives, we have yet to see a customer take delivery in either the US or Canada.

While we continue to wait, the first units have started appearing on the existing inventory section of Tesla’s website. On Monday night several new Model 3s were available for purchase in Toronto, according to a screenshot shared by @niccruzpatane on X.

A Model 3 Long Range in Stealth Gray paint with the standard 18″ Photon wheels was listed for $63,990, while another in Deep Blue Metallic, also with the 18″ wheels, was up for $65,290, both of which are the same prices if purchased new. There were also a couple of Model 3s in the new Ultra Red paint with white interiors for $67,890 and $69,890 respectively, also the same price as a custom build.

While there were no discounts, the attraction of buying off existing inventory is that you would be able to take delivery sooner than if purchasing from the online configurator. A new custom build currently shows an estimated delivery date of between February and March, compared to these existing inventory purchases, which were listed as ‘In Transit – Arriving Soon.’

We use the term ‘were listed’ because within a couple of hours of appearing, they were sold and removed from the website. We did check other others of the country, and several zip codes in the US, but we couldn’t find any other listings for the new Model 3. However, if you haven’t yet pulled the trigger it might be worthwhile to keep checking.

Tesla adding a brand new car to their existing inventory before the first deliveries is not unheard of. In fact, for the Model Y built at Giga Texas, the electric SUV appeared on existing inventory before it was available on the Design Studio. A similar thing also happened with the Model S refresh in 2021.

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