Tesla offers 1.99% financing on the Model 3 in the US

Tesla has launched a new financing offer for the new Model 3 in the US. While it isn’t quite as good as the recent offer on the Model Y, it is still a good deal, especially considering the new Model 3 only recently launched after a refresh.

According to the online configurator, the current deal is 1.99% for 72 months on the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive and Long Range All Wheel Drive. The interest rate cut is running from now until June 16. All in all, the rate cut represents around a $1,500 total savings. If you are looking for 48 or 60-month options, the rate jumps to 4.99%.

Meanwhile, the other Tesla models continue to be 6.39% on loans between 48 and 72 months.

Tesla itself offered 0.99% financing on the Model Y last month. Meanwhile, Ford is offering the Mach-E at 0% financing for 72 months and $3,000 off its GT trims. Also, VW has matched Ford’s deal with the ID 4 at 0% interest for 72 months.

Given these other offers, we could see some movement from Tesla to sweeten the Model 3 deal in the near term. We could see deals on interest rates, supercharging, or even inventory discounts. However, we do not know the exact sweeteners and will have to wait and see what will happen.

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