Town of Ipswich, Massachusetts purchases Tesla Model Y for police chief

The Town of Ipswich, Massachusetts is continuing their effort to electrify their municipal fleet by purchasing a Tesla Model Y for the Ipswich Police Department.

Police Chief Paul Nikas will use the Model Y for administrative duties, replacing his old 2011 Ford Taurus. This is the sixth vehicle the town has replaced with an electric vehicle (EV) as part of their efforts to use green energy and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Based on estimates by town staff the Tesla will cut carbon-dioxide emissions by up to 87% compared to a gas vehicle. The financial savings will also be substantial, up to $13,000 in fuel and maintenance savings over 10 years.

The overall cost of the Model Y will also be offset by nearly $15,000 in local grants, bringing the price down to about $39,000.

Ipswich is just the latest in a growing number of jurisdictions to add Tesla vehicles to their police fleet.  The Model Y has been the popular car of choice lately, with Spokane ordering four of them. The Westchester PD in New York became the first when their Model Y hit the streets in December.

The trend has also started spreading to Canada. Last month the Peel Regional Police received a loaner Long Range (LR) Tesla Model Y to test out as a police cruiser.

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