Tesla increases price of Model 3 SR+ in Canada

After going months without changing prices in Canada, Tesla has made a second change in just 7 days. On Thursday night the automaker raised the price of the entry-level Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 by $2,000.

Before tonight, the SR+ Model 3 started at $52,990. Now anyone placing an order will have to pay $54,990 for the standard white colour and stock aero wheels. (h/t: @mrgreyev)

The most important aspect to this price change is its impact on provincial and federal rebates. According to the online configurator, it still qualifies for both in all provinces with additional incentives.

Tonight’s price increase is likely in response to the tremendous demand for the SR+ in Canada. Orders placed today in the standard configuration are not expected to be delivered until July 2022.

Upgrading to the optional Sport Wheels doesn’t improve things much, with deliveries only expected for that configuration in April 2022.

On Thursday last week Tesla also raised the price of the entry-level Model Y by $1,000.

Tesla increases price of Model Y in Canada

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