Extra bonus coming to Tesla Model 3/Y owners with Acceleration Boost

You could soon be receiving an extra bonus from Tesla if you spent the money to purchase the Acceleration Boost for your Model 3 or Model Y .

If it happens, you can thank Tesla owner Bennett (@_bennettm_), who asked CEO Elon Musk on Twitter if something could be done to improve the performance of Model 3/Y owners who track their cars.

Specifically, Bennett asked for the ability to disable traction control, or even better, for Tesla to release Track Mode to those who have purchased the upgrade.

In typical Musk fashion, the CEO responded with ‘Ok,’ not giving any hints as to which question he was saying yes to.

The likely answer is Track Mode, which is already available for Model 3 Performance owners.

It is surprisingly not available on the Model Y Performance, but has been promised to be coming since July last year.

Track Mode offers owners much more in terms of customizing the vehicle’s settings, rather than just turning off traction control.

With the feature you can adjust the balance of the car to favour a full rear-wheel drive layout, how much traction control you want to enable, and how much regenerative braking the car has.

You can also see the g-forces through corners, temperature of the tires, motors and battery pack, and more.

Tesla recently added Track Mode to the Model S Plaid, at the same time increasing the car’s top speed to 175mph (281km/h).



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