Leaked photo shows first look at redesigned Tesla Model 3 front end

Tesla has been working on Project Highland, a redesign of the Tesla Model 3, for well over one year. Several Highland Model 3s have been spotted in the wild, but they have all had camouflage on the front and rear of the vehicle.

Now we know why, as the first photo of the new Model 3 has leaked, and the front end features a sleeker design reminiscent of the Roadster.

The photo was first shared on Reddit and shows a black Model 3 sitting in a warehouse under a partially removed car cover, but we get to see everything we need to, at least in the front.

The biggest change is to the headlights, which have been completely redesigned to be more horizontal. As a result the front bumper has also been redesigned, meaning the fog lights have been removed either entirely, or integrated into the headlight housing itself.

The redesign has not reintroduced ultrasonic sensors (USS) to the front bumper however.

One other design change that we spotted on the vehicle is the side repeater. Although it is subtle, we can see the side repeater flows into the driver side door, whereas the existing side repeater stops before the front door.

Credit: @klwtts | Twitter

We also get to the see this Model 3 is equipped with 19” Sport wheels, although these do not appear to be the redesigned Sport wheels we have previously seen. We expect these to be matte black like the 18” wheels that have been spotted on one of the camouflaged vehicles earlier this year.

While we don’t get to see the rear of this Model 3, we have been told that the taillights will also see a redesign.

What do you think of the new Model 3 front end? Let us know in the comments below.

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