Tesla Model 3/Y owners with new headlights get extra bonus in Light Show holiday update

Tesla owners will be getting an early Christmas gift with the impending release of the 2021 edition of the Holiday Software Update.

The 2021.44.25 release notes leaked last night, showing one of the features will be a choreographed Light Show, similar to the Easter Egg that has been included in the Model X for a number of years.

But there will be an extra bonus exclusively for owners that have a Model 3 or Model Y with the latest headlights.

A source has told Drive Tesla the Light Show will project the word ‘TESLA’ from each headlight.

UPDATE: To be clear, all Model 3 and Mode Y cars will get the Light Show, but only those with the new headlights will project ‘TESLA’.

UPDATE Dec 23 11:24pm PST: Here is the ‘TESLA’ projection following the public release of the Holiday Software Update.

While we can’t share footage of the Light Show to protect the identity of our source, Tesla already showed off this bonus feature during the Giga Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair in early October.

UPDATE: Here is a video of the Light Show in action on a Model 3 Performance, but during the day.

The new headlights have been included in the the Model 3 since last year, and only on the Model Y Performance starting earlier this year.

If you are wondering if you have them, the new version includes a round bulb on the outer edge of the headlight housing.

New-vs-old-Tesla-Model-3-headlights Comparison of the new headlight (L) and the original design (R)
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