Tesla further delays Model 3 HW3.0 upgrades in most of Europe

Tesla Model 3 owners in most of Europe will have to wait even longer for their HW3.0 upgrades. The automaker has updated their support page indicating retrofits won’t begin until at least Q2 2021.

That might not sound like a long time to wait, until you hear they have seen the date get pushed back several times over the last year.

Early in 2020 Tesla’s website was indicating retrofits would begin in March. When March arrived, the date was delayed to May, and then later to Q3 2020.

Owners got their hopes up in October as Tesla began scheduling appointments. Those were later cancelled, and the new expected date was the end of Q4 2020 or early Q1 2021.

The latest update has delayed it again until sometime between April and June.

Tesla hasn’t officially commented on the reason for the delay. Some employees have explained it is due to regulatory approvals in Europe. That doesn’t appear to be the reason as retrofits have begun in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Even though the Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature suite is limited in Europe, there are other benefits owners can enjoy with the new hardware. This includes Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control and speed limit sign recognition.

Hopefully Tesla is able to fix whatever the problem is and begin giving customers what was promised all the way back in 2019.


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