Tesla referral program winner gifts new Model 3 Performance to parents

Tesla has followed through and awarded the Model 3 Performance that was part of the referral program sweepstakes. It is almost as if it was meant to be for the lucky owner, as he received the new Model 3 on his birthday, and decided to gift it to his parents.

Last month Tesla launched a new reward in the referral program, giving owners the opportunity to redeem 1,000 credits for an entry into a raffle where the prize was a brand new Model 3 Performance. According to the listing the draw was going to be held on October 6, 2023, but that date came and went without a word from Tesla as to who the winner was, much like their previous draws where they would give away a free car every quarter.

As it turns out Tesla did hold the draw on October 6, and the lucky winner was Adam Bustamante, who shared how he was informed about being the winner on X. According to Bustamante he first received an email on October 12 from Ashley Alejos, a Sr. Project Manager Delivery Operation at Tesla who said they had some “exciting news” to share with him, and that he would be receiving a call later that day with more details. There was little doubt as to what that phone call was going to be about as the subject of the email was “Model 3 Performance.”

Prepared for what was to come, he recorded that phone call, and shared the video on X.

It didn’t take long for Tesla to actually hand over the new car. Three days later he received the key card for a brand new black Model 3 Performance, a day which just so happened to be his birthday. In a giving mood, he Bustamante gave the car to his parents.

If you didn’t win the Model 3 Performance, Tesla added a new sweepstakes to the referral program over the weekend. The company is now giving away a Model Y Long Range, with entries also earned by redeeming 1,000 credits. If you’re wondering what it took for Bustamante to be picked as a winner, he tells us he had just one referral, and redeemed all 10,000 credits for 10 entries into the raffle.

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