Speed limit sign recognition (Speed Assist) finally coming to Canada in 2020.40 software update

Tesla speed limit sign recognition

Tesla last month introduced Speed Assist in the 2020.36 software update, a new speed limit sign recognition feature that uses the onboard cameras to increase the accuracy of speed limit data.

As is usually the case with new safety features, Canadian Tesla owners were left out of the party as the feature skipped Canada once again.

After a short one month wait, Speed Assist is finally making its way north of the border in the latest 2020.40 series of software updates that was first released this morning, according to Tesla hacker @greentheonly.

As green notes, US drivers are getting a newer version of the feature that supports highway speed sign support. Previously if the map based speed limit data and the sign recognition data were not the same, the sign would be ignored.

Now the sign will get priority over the map based data and the speed limit in the car will be adjusted accordingly.

Canadian Tesla owners will get the first version which is limited to local speed limit signs only. In these scenarios if you are driving on a local road and the map based speed limit disagrees with the sign recognition, the map will [usually] get rejected and the sign takes priority.

The 2020.40.0.1 software update is in limited Early Access release right now, so it should start showing up on the majority of the fleet soon. The Full Self-Driving HW3 computer is required for this feature to work.

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