Tesla finally adds Model 3 Carbon Fiber Spoiler to its online shop. Spoiler – it’s not cheap

The Performance Tesla Model 3, which comes with the carbon fiber trunk lid spoiler, has been out since 2018. If you wanted one for your non-Performance Model 3, it was pretty difficult to find one unless you came across a Performance Model 3 owner selling theirs online.

Now you can purchase the Model 3 Carbon Fiber Spoiler directly from Tesla through their online shop, but it’s not cheap, coming in at $1,100 CAD ($800 USD), which includes shipping and installation at your desired Service Center.

That is certainly more expensive than what owners have been selling them for online, typically around $600 CAD.

Then of course there are a number of aftermarket options out there that closely resemble the OEM spoiler. Drive Tesla has previously reviewed this one available on Amazon. It comes in either a matte or glossy finish, for $270 CDN or $189 CDN respectively.

OEM vs aftermarket spoiler

The Performance Model Y also comes with the carbon fiber spoiler, but Tesla is not yet offering the spoiler on the shop for the electric SUV.

Here’s the full product description from Tesla’s website:

Improve high-speed stability by adding the carbon fiber spoiler to your trunk lid. Made from lightweight, cross-woven carbon fiber with a matte epoxy finish.


1 x carbon fiber spoiler

Price includes shipping and installation and ships to your selected Service Center.

Non-refundable once installed.

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