Paris taxi driver files lawsuit against Tesla after fatal Model 3 crash

A Paris taxi driver has filed a lawsuit against Tesla after the Model 3 he was driving crashed at high speed, killing 1 person and injuring another 17.

The accident took place in December last year while the driver was off-duty and taking his family to a restaurant.

According to witnesses the Tesla Model 3 cab first hit a cyclist before hitting two pedestrians at a crosswalk and then smashing into a glass recycling container, spraying glass, hitting a passerby.

The Model 3 then reportedly took out a traffic light and hit another pedestrian before finally colliding with a van.

After the accident, the driver told police the Model 3 accelerated on its own and despite his attempts, he could not apply the brakes.

However, an initial investigation ruled out a mechanical failure in the car.

Tesla also concluded there was “no technical problem” with the Model 3.

The driver is currently under investigation for manslaughter, but has not yet been charged.

It was a miracle more people weren’t killed or seriously injured after surveillance footage from a nearby restaurant showed the incredible speed at which the Model 3 was travelling seconds before the crash.


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