Ontario driver caught sleeping on the highway behind the wheels of a Tesla on Autopilot

Tesla always warns its driver to use Autopilot responsibly. However, not all of them heed the warning. One Tesla driver in Ontario was spotted apparently sleeping while the car drove itself on the highway.

Drivers in all Tesla markets will soon be able to use Enhanced Autopilot.

The Tesla was pictured on the Queen Elizabeth Way, and a video was posted on Twitter. The driver was reclining, and their hands were not on the steering wheel. On zooming in, the driver seemed fast asleep while the car sped on.

Tesla drivers are allowed to operate their cars on full self-driving. However, what is illegal is going to sleep behind the wheel. At least one driver in Alberta caught in the same situation was charged with reckless driving.

To be clear, the Saskatchewan Minister for Government Insurance Joe Hargrave has said Tesla’s Autopilot is “definitely not allowed” in the province.

Meanwhile, California may soon pass a law that prohibits carmakers from marketing their cars as capable of full self-driving. The argument is it promises a false sense of security. But that will be the opposite of Tesla’s victory in a German court, allowing it to use “Autopilot” and “Full Self-Driving” in marketing.

However, Tesla Autopilot prevents at least 40 crashes per day.

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