Jeda Wireless Charging Pad for Tesla Model 3 [Review and Coupon Code]

Today we’re going to take a look at one of the more popular aftermarket options available for the Model 3, the Jeda Wireless Charging Pad ($99USD). If you purchase one, you can get $10 off the price by using the coupon code teslaincanada10.

While Tesla does offer a wireless charging pad for your mobile devices in the online Tesla Shop, it is arguably one of the features that should have come standard with the Tesla Model 3.

In the Box

The Jeda Wireless Charging Pad comes in a very sleek box reminiscent of Apple packaging. Inside you will find the wireless pad, along with two USB cables to connect it to the USB ports in the center console.

Fit and Finish

The first generation charging pad made by Jeda wasn’t the best looking pad out there. It also didn’t fit very well, and had small stickies on the back (that didn’t end up being that sticky) to keep it in place.

This second-generation charging pad is leaps and bounds improvement in both the overall build quality, and how much better it fits in the center console.

When removing the pad from the box, the first thing you notice is how sturdy it feels in your hands. I’ve seen other, cheaper charging pads that you can get off Amazon that feel quite light and plasticy, but the Jeda Pad feels substantial (not heavy) and well made.

The rear features 4 new “feet”, that when installed, fit perfectly in the holes already in the center console. This gives the pad a very secure footing that will make it very hard for this charging pad to ever come out of place.


The pad connect to the existing USB ports in the center console, and delivers 7.5-watts to each side of the charging pad, even when tow mobile devices are charging at the same time. If you need more juice, you can up that to 15W by plugging it into the Model 3’s 12-volt power supply. This requires a little more work, but the instructions can be downloaded here (PDF).

The pad is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, and can easily fit our two iPhone XR’s at the same time. You can also easily charge your device in either portrait or landscape mode, which is handy if you use your device for something like Waze.

If you happen to have a non-Qi enabled device that cannot charge wirelessly, you can also purchase the optional Jeda Spacer. This allows you to keep the wired chargers in the center console, while also having the wireless charging pad installed.

There are two caveats that should be noted with the Jeda Wireless Pad.

The first is that the pad takes up both USB ports in the center console, leaving you without the option for Sentry Mode and TeslaCam storage. That can be easily solved by purchasing a USB splitter. I already had this Anker 4-port USB splitter, which is available on Amazon for $16.99 CAD, and it works flawlessly with the Jeda Pad.

The other is that if you have a center console tray like the one I purchased off Amazon, it will not fit with the spacer installed as your console lid will be unable to close. The only tray that will fit the spacer is from 3-Tray, also available on Amazon.



Overall Impression

Having previously had a cheaper wireless charging pad from Amazon in my Model 3, switching to the Jeda Pad was a noticeable difference. The build quality is impressive and it feels substantial and not flimsy.

Most importantly though the design makes it look like it came standard with the Model 3. If you need to keep the wired charging for maybe your spouse or partner who doesn’t have a Qi-enabled device, the Jeda Spacer is a great add-on.

With so many aftermarket wireless charging options out there today, the Jeda Wireless Pad should be at the top of your list when you’re ready to buy one. Click here to purchase yours, and use the coupon code teslaincanada10 at checkout to save $10.

If you want to pair this wireless pad with the popular Jeda USB Hub, you can save $30 on the bundle by using the coupon code teslaincanadabundle at checkout. For more info on the USB Hub, click here.

Disclaimer: The wireless charging pad was provided free of charge, without the expectation of a review. The opinions expressed above are wholly our own and not influenced by the company. It really is just a good product.

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