With less than 10 days to go until the first Tesla Model Y deliveries, VINs start appearing in reservation holders accounts

Tesla began shipping out multiple truck loads of the new Model Y last week in anticipation of the estimated March 15 deliveries to the lucky first customers.

Some of those lucky owners are now one step closer to receiving their Model Y as some have reported seeing Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) appearing in their accounts online.

One user on Reddit who hails from Georgia, red_vette placed an order for a Midnight Silver Metallic Performance Model Y about a year ago. Today after checking her Tesla account online she found the Purchase Agreement Document had been posted, which included the VIN.

Tesla Model Y Prepare for Delivery

Another user on the TMC forum also reported yesterday that a VIN had been assigned to their account in Alabama. Multiple other users responded saying they too had received their VINs for their Model Y orders.

Canadians will have to wait a little longer to receive their Model Y’s, as deliveries aren’t expected until “mid-2020” according to Tesla’s website. This is despite an apparent sighting of a transport truck loaded with Model Y’s that was reportedly heading to Montreal, but has yet to be corroborated with any picture or video evidence.

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