Tesla Model Y Performance in China gains double pane rear windows


Tesla started deliveries of the Model Y Performance in China this week. The new lucky owners have already discovered a number of surprises, like the new AMD Ryzen processor previously found only in the Model S and Model X.

There was also the possible replacement of the lead-acid battery with a lithium-ion version, only added to Tesla’s flagship vehicles earlier this year.

New another feature that was exclusive to the Model S/X has made its way to the made-in-China Model Y – the rear passenger windows of the electric SUV are now double pane.


It was just over a year ago when Tesla introduced the double pane windows on both the Model 3 and Model Y, but they were limited to the front windows only.

In a video released in September, Tesla’s Director of Glass Mike Pilliod gave us a behind the scenes look at their glass lab.

In it he describes how the windows, or side drops, are made with two panes of glass and an acoustic dampening layer in between, which reduces road and wind noise resulting in a quieter cabin.

New video shares behind the scenes look at how Tesla Glass is made, including possible sneak peek of Cybertruck windshield [Video]

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