Tesla brings back plastic dead pedal in recent Model 3 builds

Tesla used to include a plastic dead pedal cover in the Model 3, until late 2019 when it was removed with the change to the 2020 model year.

While it was a relatively small change, it was annoying since many all weather floor mats, including Tesla’s own product, did not completely cover the area (as you can see in the image above).

This was particularly a problem for owners in wet and cold climates, as the carpet could easily get wet, dirty, and damaged.

Now it looks like Tesla has brought the feature back in new Model 3 builds. Twitter user Tanay Jain (@tanayjain__) took delivery of a blue Model 3 Long Range recently, sharing pictures of his new car on Twitter.

One of those pictures was of the driver footwell area, which showed the new/old plastic dead pedal cover.


It is difficult to tell when this feature was added back to the production line, but based on what we can tell it still hit or miss if your car will have it.

In speaking with Drive Tesla, Jain confirmed he took delivery on November 30 in California.

We have also spoken with two other new Model 3 owners (December build dates), both of which did not have the plastic dead pedal cover.

Let us know in the comments below if your new Model 3 (or Model Y) has it, and what your car’s build date is (on the door jamb sticker).

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